Philips Stadion PSV

Jul 7, 2020

Whether you want a realistic VR tour through the Philips stadium or want to draw a stage construction with millimeter precision based on the same visuals; AXIS provides the solution! Using the very latest techniques, AXIS Geo Solutions has 3D scanned a large part of the Philips stadium. What has often turned out to be a technical difficult location in the past becomes a lot more accessible by means of this fact. Every corner is included during scanning and later processed into a realistic detailed drawing.

The Dutch comedian Rob Scheepers has performed 28 shows in the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven. A unique location and completely “corona-proof”. AXIS was commissioned by PSV to design and build the stage for this ‘stadium tour’. After extensive surveying by AXIS, a perfectly custom made stage could be delivered, which was built from the PSV players tunnel. The scanned stadium was used to realize the designs.