3D Measurement

Knowledge is power! In our world, data is becoming increasingly important and accessible. Thanks to the very latest techniques, objects can be charted more accurately.

AXIS knows how to link those latest techniques and data to the mapping of sites and locations. By means of GPS, AXIS is able to measure terrains in 3D – so latitude, longitude and altitude coordinates are included.




The output is a 3D drawing (DWG) of a site, which AXIS uses for further work preparation. Constructions are drawn and the course in height of the terrain is directly included in the construction drawing and calculation. Other suppliers also know better what the actual construction will look like and are therefore better able to prepare the project.

Ultimately, AXIS can even set out all objects on location exactly as conceived by again using the GPS coordinates following from the created plan!


3D Measurement

By using accurate measuring equipment, AXIS is able to measure all types of locations in 3D. From event areas to large construction sites. A 3D model of locations forms the output, where drawings can then be made, exact points can be plotted or a virtual plan can be made.

Laser Scanning

By using the latest techniques, buildings, stadiums or any possible objects can be measured by AXIS. Objects are scanned and digitally mapped with high accuracy. These can be used for various purposes, such as VR applications, creating floor plans, furnishing buildings or used as starting point of a CAD drawing.

Drawings & Visuals

The conversion of the output from various devices into drawings is performed by AXIS. The points from the 3D measument of locations are transfromed into drawings/plans of a venue. The point clouds of buildings are developed into realistic 3D models that can be used for various purposes.

On-Site Support

Based on our measurements and data, construction sites and event locations can be accurately plotted down to the millimeter! AXIS supports its customers by doing this on location.